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Straighten Your Smile with Orthodontics in Colorado Springs

Also known as “getting braces,” orthodontics work by correcting your misaligned teeth and jaw to restore and secure a straight smile. Lasting Impressions Dental Care has been helping patients of all ages in Colorado Springs, CO restore and protect their confidence with orthodontic services. While we primarily treat children with braces, adults can benefit from them as well. We use orthodontics to correct spacing between teeth, fix crowding, improve your bite and speech patterns, and straighten crooked teeth. Additionally, the benefits of straight teeth include healthier gums that avoid disease and decay. If you think you or your child can benefit from orthodontic work, call our office today to schedule the initial consultation.

group of four women smiling

The Benefits of Orthodontics

The health benefits of straight teeth far outweigh the amount of time you have to endure braces. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, keeping them clean of bacteria and disease. Additionally, your smile helps define how others perceive you. When you have clean and straight teeth, you tend to have more self-confidence. If you or your child is struggling with self-confidence issues due to crowding, crooked, or missing teeth, the experts at Lasting Impressions Dental Care can help. We want to guide you through our orthodontic expertise and make you feel comfortable while you gain your confidence back.

Modern Advances Designed for Comfort

Fortunately for you or your child, braces and orthodontics, in general, have come a long way. Long gone are the days of cumbersome metal and obnoxious headgear. Modern technology has allowed us to help patients in Colorado Springs align their teeth more comfortably than ever. While we do work with Invisalign & ClearCorrect, we still use traditional braces for some cases. We’ll discuss your options after taking a closer look at your jaw and teeth. Other things we consider during our diagnosis are bite patterns, jaw size, extra or missing teeth, overbites, ease of speaking, and eating.

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