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Dental Crowns in Colorado Springs

A “traditional crown” is a way of rebuilding a tooth that has either a filling that is too large to replace, a tooth that has fractures that can’t be repaired with a filling, a tooth that is in need of a root canal procedure or has previously had a root canal. Crowns are made of either a yellow or white gold alloy, all porcelain or a combination of gold and porcelain. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of crown and there are different recommendations where each type of crown is used in a mouth, those advantages and disadvantages and types of crowns will vary based upon the circumstances surrounding each specific tooth, (that’s about as vague as someone could get isn’t it?). That is partially why I began looking at other alternatives to a traditional Crown, the other reason is that as a dentist I hated cutting a tooth down to a “Nub” and then replacing the whole outer surface of the tooth, especially when I was having to cut away healthy tooth structure. During dental school I began exploring alternatives to Crowns and have gone through a variety of options and alternatives to arrive at the crown I presently do today.

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A Natural Look and Feel

The crowns of today and the future don’t require the dentist to cut away any healthy or non-diseased tooth structure! They don’t require an automatic root canal at the time of preparation just to do a crown! They don’t require vague or obscure alternatives or mismatching shades that don’t blend in with the other teeth in your mouth! They look and feel natural just like your other teeth! They don’t hurt for six months like traditional crowns! They usually can be done in a single visit (no temporaries that are uncomfortable or that fall off)! They are more conservative to your teeth leaving you way more tooth structure than a traditional crown!

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Sound too good to be true? We would like to welcome you to dentistry of today and the future and invite you to participate in moving into the next decade of dentistry! This isn’t right for everyone, some people are fine with having their teeth ground down to a nub, but I would never allow another dentist to grind my teeth down to place a traditional crown so why would I do that to my patients!

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