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Replace Missing Teeth

Missing a single tooth or multiple teeth usually isn’t a problem for a year or two, but when time goes on the results of having a missing tooth start a process much like lining up dominoes and pushing the lead domino over. The results after a few years will cause your teeth to shift into the missing space and also cause the opposite tooth to begin growing into the void, while it is trying to find any tooth to make contact. The end results can lead to Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (commonly referred to as TMJ) or joint related problems such as soreness of the jaw or joint, and decreased range of motion of the joint over time. Some patients will develop clicking and popping of the joint and occasionally will develop pain in the joint just from missing teeth.

dentist with patient


Another option to replace missing teeth is to have a bridge placed, which permanently attaches to the teeth on either side of the space. The bridge will look and feel like individual teeth but only you and your dentist will know that you actually are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. Bridges can last for a decade or more and become an option to help maintain the stability of your teeth, your bite and your smile. The problem with bridges is that they require me to cut the adjacent teeth down to a “Nub” as illustrated in the picture below, in order to make the teeth look normal, Ugh!

dental bridge

man smiling with coffee cup

Dental Implants

The best option to replace missing teeth is a dental implant. Essentially, an implant takes the place of the tooth from the root to the crown of the tooth, it looks and feels natural to chew on and cosmetically it is similar to the missing tooth. Implants have been around for decades and the current type of implant has been around for almost 30 years with an average of 95% success rate over that time. Wow, its hard to find anything now days that lasts that long in our disposable society!!! At Lasting Impressions Dental Care, our dentists give you the best care available with implants. Drs. Jeffery and Trent Platt give you the benefit of their time, research and efforts spent towards teaching other doctors how to do this amazing procedure, Win-Win for you, our amazing patients.

Talk to an Expert Today

There are multiple types and configurations that can be developed to replace missing teeth, and we can discuss those options with you and help answer any and all concerns at a no charge exam and X-rays appointment. Please call today to talk to an expert in replacing missing teeth!

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