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Cosmetic Bonding in Colorado Springs

Bonding is a dental procedure that is used to enhance teeth and make them appear to be in better alignment or straight; to repair fractures or chips in teeth where a tooth has broken; to change the color to a more desirable shade that is a more permanent shade; to change the shape of one or multiple teeth in the smile and other enhancements. Usually it is a procedure applied to teeth that show in the smile but not limited to them only. Bonding is a semi-permanent restoration. By that I mean that it can be applied and removed and your original teeth are still in the original shape, position and color. The process involves cleaning the teeth very thoroughly and then using a composite putty-like material to apply to the teeth that will shape the teeth into the desired shape. The putty-like material is hardened with a special light and then it is adhered or bonded to the teeth. Drs. Jeffery and Trent Platt take the time to make sure that each tooth bonded looks proper and natural and that they all blend together for the desired outcome that both you and he would want. After the shaping of the teeth is completed the finishing process takes place to make sure that they are smooth and feel like natural teeth.

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Make Your Procedure Last

After you have the procedure completed there are a few suggestions to make sure that your bonding lasts and looks great for as long as possible. The lifetime of bonding can and does vary, I have some patients that have had their bonding for almost 2 decades and others that need some repairs done within a couple of years.

  • Have regular cleanings and a good exam at our office.
  • Be careful not to bite your nails or things that are that hard (Bonding can chip or break).
  • Make sure you wear a night guard to protect your teeth from clenching or grinding.
  • If you notice any change to the bonding come in for an exam to make sure a small issue doesn’t turn into a major issue.
  • When chewing and eating be careful to not bite into hard food directly on the bonding, cut things up into bite size portions.

Enjoy Your New Smile

The last suggestion is to smile a lot! Enjoy your new smile and spread a little happiness around!

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