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Meet Dr. Trent Platt

Dr. Trent is a dentist who caters to the oral health care needs of Colorado Springs, CO. He practices at Lasting Impressions Dental Care and believes in providing patients with all the information needed to make educated decisions about their care.

Dr. Trent attended the University of Louisville, where he earned his dental degree. He studied to address a range of dental issues, he specializes in the treatment of jaw pain, toothaches, Temporo-Mandibular Joint pain, cavities, and sensitive teeth. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisville and had his choice of specialties vying for his entrance into their programs. He chose to not limit the scope of his future practice to a certain specialty but to give his talents and gifts to all patients and benefit everyone from children to retirees and build the future of dentistry in Colorado Springs.

Dr. Trent Platt

Personal Life

Dr. Trent believes in taking the time to listen to patient problems and then guides them through the diverse options and treatment plans they can consider. His fluency in English and Spanish allows him to cater to people from different cultural backgrounds. When not working, he likes to involve himself in outdoor activities like skiing and biking. He also enjoys playing basketball and time with his family.

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