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Braces For Adults: What You Need To Know

When you think about braces, you probably think of teens who spend several months (or even years) with a mouth full of metal. However, many adult need braces for bite adjustment, straighter teeth, or even speech correction.
If you are concerned about getting braces as an adult, you might be surprised to learn that adult teeth are actually simple to straighten, especially with so many braces options available to choose from. You may not even have to suffer through months of grilles and elastic bands. Here's what every adult considering braces needs to know about mature orthodontics. 

It's More than Just Aesthetics

Sure straight teeth are nice to look at, but many adults struggle with the price tag that comes with braces. But there are actually a lot of benefits that come from braces, including:
Fewer cavities. Crowded teeth are more difficult to brush and floss properly, so you are much more likely to get cavities between teeth that are not properly spaced.
Fixing your bite. If your teeth are not nicely aligned, the bite can actually cause stress to gums, making it more likely for them to recede. A poor bite can also affect the way your face looks and how you speak. Some adults can even have breathing problems and consistent aching in the teeth or jaw because of bite trouble.
Better jaw alignment. Some braces can help fix your jaw if it is not properly placed. Poor alignment can cause pain, difficulty chewing well, or TMJ trouble.
Since people experience more dental issues at they age, getting braces can be a proactive step to take for your future health care. 

You Might Not Need Braces Very Long

Teen teeth can sometimes take longer to straighten because their mouth are still developing, but the trade off is that kids have thicker gums that can stand up to the stress of braces. Your orthodontist might recommend a fast-track treatment. If your teeth straightening issues are fairly simple, you could only be in braces for a matter of months. 
However, if you also need jaw correction and bite resolution, the timeline can stretch as long as three years.

You Don't Have to Have Metal

Many adults balk at the idea of braces because they don't like the idea of have the wires and brackets visible for everyone to see. Braces are still often viewed as an adolescent treatment, and adults can feel conscious. Metal braces are still the most cost effective option for adult orthopedics, but for many working professionals, traditional braces are not a viable solution.

However, you should know that you have several option to choose from, including:

Ceramic braces. These function similar to metal braces, but the brackets are white or creamy in color, disguising the braces against the natural color of your teeth.
Clear correct. Clear correct braces use sets of molded clear plastic trays to gradually move your teeth into a different place. The clear mold fit over your existing teeth, disguising the orthodontics. Those who glance at your teeth won't immediately notice any appliance there at all. Overbites and underbites can sometimes be treated with clear correct braces. 
Lingual braces. These braces use metal wires and brackets, but instead of being on the outside of the teeth, the wires and brackets are fastened to the inside, making your smile look normal to others. The downside with lingual braces is that they can be much harder to clean well and they can be more difficult to get used to. 
Talk to a dentist about which braces could be best for your teeth.
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